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BluePass 3.1

BluePass 3.1

BluePass Publisher's Description

BluePass provides an innovation solution to protect your palm. It allows you to use a pen stroke or use a bluetooth device to unlock your palm. For example, you can draw a line on LCD display, or you can use your mobile phone that has bluetooth feature. The password entry process becomes automatic whenever user input a pen stroke or a mobile phone is around your palm. So that you don't need to enter your long and complicated password every time.
BluePass should be the most powerful security application to protect your confidential information without input any complicated password.

What's new ?
Version 3.0
BluePass is allowed user to use a pen stroke or any point on a startup picture to unlock your Palm. When your Palm is power on and then display a startup picture, you just draw a pen stroke on LCD display. If the pen stroke is correct, your Palm will be unlocked automatcially. Otherwise, it will go back to Palm built-in security application and wait to input password. Moreover, you can use pen stroke or use bluetooth device together to unlock your palm. Such that if your Palm finds a bluetooth device or you input a correct pen stroke, your Palm will be unlocked automatically.
Version 2.0
BluePass is allowed to select any JPEG picture for your Palm's startup picture. When your Palm is powered on, you can assign your favourite picture, e.g. your family picture or your scene picture, to display on Palm. You just customize your pictures into 320x320 pixels and then store this picture into your SD card. After that you can choose your picture through BluePass. Please view more detail in manual. BluePass also provides twelve samples pictures for you so that you can store these twelve pictures in your SD card firstly.

How to do this ?
BluePass is used to enhance the password entry process when you enable the Palm built-in security feature.
Palm built-in security feature is a very powerful feature but it is not convenience to user. When a user sets a long password, user is very difficult to input it and waste a lot of time to turn on his palm. When the user sets a short password, it loses the purpose of security password because somebody can guess the password easily and then explore all sensitive information. Now BluePass can help you to unlock your palm without any pain even you set a very long and complicated password, e.g. user set ''78asxf03pld8743fi'' as Palm built-in security password. By the enhancement of palm built-in security feature, BluePass will use the trusted bluetooth device information to perform the password entry process. When you palm is power on, BluePass will find bluetooth device around your palm. If the selected bluetooth device is found, BluePass will help you to input the security password to unlock the Palm automatically. So that you do not need to type the long and complicated security password every time. BluePass provides a most convenient way to unlock your palm.

Tested bluetooth devices
Mobile Phones :
Nokia 3650,3660, 6600, 6650, 7600, 7610, 7650, N-Gage
Sony Ericsson T68i, T610, P800
Siemens SX1
More phones : Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6260
More phones : Sony Ericsson S700
Palm with Bluetooth devices : Palm TT, TT2, TT3
Pocket PC with Bluetooth devices : HP iPAQ h2210
P.S. Bluetooth devices must enable Bluetooth "Discoverable" features. The "Disvoverable" features is used to allows BluePass to enquire bluetooth devices.


  • Improve startup picture quality to support 16-bit color display.
  • Allow to cancel pen stroke process during pen stroke input confrimation.
  • Bug fix to allow to open SD card directory if startup image is selected "Custom" already.


  • Allows to use a pen stroke to unlock the Palm built-in security.
  • Improve speed when Palm find a bluetooth device and then unlock the Palm.


  • Allows to assign an JPEG picture for startup picture. So that user can customize his Palm opening screen.


  • Show pop up picture during searching bluetooth device key when Palm power on.
  • Use graphical icons to represent bluetooth searching period
  • Enhance stability
  • Fix to hang up when user pull down graffiti area to turn on Palm TT, TT2 and TT3
  • User can assign Palm built-in secuirty pasasword when user inputs security password in BluePass
  • User can enable Palm built-in secuirty application when user enables BluePass
  • Support updated Palm TT3 Security50p


  • Supports six different languages : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
  • Bug fix : Do not display security password stored in BluePass if this password do not match Palm built-in security during power on.

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